5 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll

1.   Accurate: By outsourcing its payroll,  a company can avoid any penalties related to improperly filing payroll related paperwork.  A payroll provider such as Garden State Payroll will use its specialization to make sure that the paperwork is filed on time and the tax calculations are accurate. 


2.    Time Efficient: A company can save hours by subcontracting its payroll to an external company.  The opportunity cost of a company not outsourcing its payroll is the time it could
have spent on doing the work the employees are there to do.  The revenue generated from giving your payroll to other companies is way more than the cost of time lost by doing it

3.     Convenient: It is better to give someone else the task of doing your payroll rather than tackling the paperwork by yourself.  No need to worry about any delays, no pressure on your mind about dealing with the work, everything is taken care of!!

4.     Cost-effective: Processing payroll internally requires training and continuously buying updated software which could waste thousands of dollars.  When outsourcing the task of handling payroll, a company can cut down its costs significantly.  Hiring a Payroll Accountant just to do your payroll is more expensive than having another company do the same calculations in an accurate manner.  


5.     More-personalized: Small companies need their payroll provider to thoroughly know the business.  At Garden State Payroll, we work on frequently interacting with our clients and providing them with solutions about their payroll.