1.     Miscalculating payroll: Employers who do their payrolls by themselves are vulnerable to making mistakes while calculating their payroll.  They may not be aware of the
recent tax updates and how to deduct the various taxes properly.  This could lead to paying a huge amount of penalties every time while running the payroll.

2.     Late Tax Deposits: Employers have to be cautious about the numerous deadlines they have to meet for depositing the federal and state taxes.  Different types of taxes have different
filing dates, so employers have to make sure they do not forget about filing the taxes at the right time.

3.     Misclassifying workers:  There are different types of categories that employees come under such as independent contractors, hourly or salary employees.  Classifying an employee with an hourly pay type under salary will cause to inaccurate tax withholdings and tax deposits.

4      Poor record keeping:  When hiring an employee, the employers have to make him fill out numerous forms such as W-4 and I-9.  Misfiling or forgetting to fill out any one of these forms can get your company in trouble during an audit.

5.     Not running payroll on time: Completing a payroll is a strenuous process that utilizes a lot of time and resources. Sometimes, companies either delay their payroll processes or they completely forget to do so.  They are continuously under pressure to complete their payrolls and hence, it is advised to outsource the payroll to more specialized companies such as Garden State Payroll.