State labor law posters and federal labor law posters have been changing more frequently than ever because there has been so much legislative activity in the employment area in the past few years—and this trend is continuing.

Among the labor law topics that are getting the most attention right now on compliance posters are wage and hour regulations, family leave, sick leave, discrimination, child labor and occupational health and safety.

The numerous state minimum wage laws that passed across the country prior to the 2007 federal minimum wage increase are an example of these changes.

Ten states now have minimum wage rates that adjust annually (Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont and Washington).

A common misconception about compliance posters is that they only change at the first of the year.  Although there are usually more state changes in January because of laws that go into effect then, state labor law posters can change at any time.

Each state has its own posting requirements, and these are found in the individual labor laws.  (Poster requirements for federal labor law posters are also found in the federal laws.)  Some states—like California, Louisiana and New Jersey—require 10 or more state posters while others require as few as two.

Posters are required most often by states are wage and hour regulations, family leave law, sick leave regulations, health and safety, child labor, unemployment, workers’ compensation and discrimination.

When a new state or federal labor law passes, it does not mean a new poster is automatically required or even that an existing poster will be amended.  This is because not all laws include a posting requirement.

If there is a new poster requirement, the poster may be delayed while final regulations are drafted to carry out the law, hearings are held for public comment or the issuing agency determines the content and wording to use on the posters